Use The Best At Home Drug Test Kits To Get Ready For Your Drug Test

Home Drug Test Kit Options

Home Drug Test Kit Options

If you have a forthcoming drug test, making sure that your system is clean is of the utmost importance. Fortunately, you can use the best at home drug test kits to verify that any detox systems or products you’re using are actually working. This way, you won’t have to worry about testing positive on the day of your actual appointment. With these kits, you can know everything about your urine, saliva or hair that laboratories will know after having collected and analyzed your sample. Following are a few, easy tips for making sure that everything turns out right.

Start Abstaining From Drugs Right Away

Don’t waste any money on the best at home drug test kits and cleansing products if you aren’t prepared to do the necessary work. One large part of these efforts is simply abstaining from your drug of choice as soon as you know that a test is looming on the horizon. The sooner that you stop using drugs of any type, the easier it will be for your body to start breaking down and getting rid of any drug residues. Keep in mind that marijuana is one of the most difficult drugs for your body to eliminate. Without any special, detox efforts, it can take anywhere from 30 to 50 days for your body to get rid of the last vestiges of THC. That’s because this fat-soluble compound is stored right in your fat cells, rather than being processed and immediately routed out by your filter organs. Depending upon the potency and amount of marijuana that you use, structured detoxing can require anywhere from ten days to two weeks.

Drink Plenty Of Water

Whether you’re testing for a fat-soluble drug or one that is passed out of the body via the urine and excreta, you always want to drink plenty of water. This helps the body flush toxins and drug residues out more efficiently. Keep in mind, however, that flushing is never an effective substitute for diligent and consistent abstinence. Moreover, you want to avoid drinking too much water just before or on the day of your actual test. Testing laboratories are well aware of all of the last-ditch efforts that people take to ensure that their urine tests clean. As such, if your sample appears to be too diluted, you will be called in to retest on the very next day.

Find Out What Kind Of Drug Test You Will Be Taking

Bear in mind that you can test clean via one type of drug testing while testing dirty for another. This makes it important to know the specific type of analysis that you need to be ready for. If the lab will be collecting urine, choose a detox product that promotes clean, healthy and ultimately normal-seeming urine samples. This will usually be an oral detox product that is high in fiber and internal detox and flushing agents. If you’re preparing for a hair sample test, look for the best detox shampoos. When using these shampoos, you should additionally make an effort to cleanse internally so that your body is not coating your locks with new drug residues even as your shampoo is busy stripping old residues away.

Choose A Home Drug Testing Kit That Matches The Test You’ll Be Taking

Not only do you need to choose cleansing products that reflect the type of drug test you’ll be taking, but you also want to verify your ability to test clean with a drug test kit that also matches the related testing type. The best at home drug test kits for urine analysis will also analyze your urine, just as the lab will on the day of your actual test. This is true for hair analysis, saliva analysis and so forth.

Take An At-Home Test Several Days Ahead Of Your Appointment

Make sure that you’re capable of testing clean several days ahead of your appointment. This way, if anything is awry, you will have ample time to find and implement the right mitigation strategies. A positive test at this time isn’t the end of the world. It simply means that you need to step up your detox game by implementing a more aggressive dosing schedule, drinking more fluids, sweating more, and engaging in other detoxifying activities. Finally, always be sure to repeat the at-home testing process the night before your scheduled lab visit. This will give you the chance to determine whether or not anything has changed to your benefit or to your detriment. For instance, you may take a negative at-home test after having diluted your urine sufficiently, but the continued removal of stored toxins could cause you to test positive over the next several days. Timing is everything when it comes to detoxing ahead of drug testing.

Tips For Finding The Best At-Home Test Kits

The surest way to find quality kits for drug testing at home is to read product reviews from other consumers. These will let you know whether or not specific kits are able to provide foolproof and truly reliable results. They will also give you more information on the factors that might cause you to receive a false positive. Although cost is likely a major concern, this shouldn’t be the only factor that you account for when choosing and using a test. It’s definitely in your best interests to get reliable testing and cleansing products. If testing clean is mandatory for keeping your job, then the costs of getting the high-quality supplies you need will definitely prove worthwhile.